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Jade Seabrook Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and a Board Registered Interventionist (BRI)

"I bring the synergy of challenge, resiliency, family, purpose and reflection to my approach with counselling"

In 2009 my father died, after a short but painful battle with cancer. When I think of him, I often see him sitting reading a novel under the branches of the weeping willow in the yard of our family home. A lot of my memories of him and my upbringing are of deep and life altering conversations under the branches of that tree. This relationship was one of the best, most meaningful, but also most difficult relationships of my life. This is why my previous company was called Willow Branch and why I chose to keep the logo of the Willow tree for my personal page. 


I bring the synergy of challenge, resiliency, family, purpose and reflection to my approach with counselling, much like my own story with my father. 


I help people heal from the impact of family history, healing from the impact of past hurts and coping patterns while remaining grateful for the lineage. Without addressing these patterns, we often continue to replay them in our current relationships, behaviours and thinking. I can help you find who you are, meet your goals, thrive in new circumstances, encourage resiliency, affirmation and rejuvenation.

- Jade 

~Diversity, inclusiveness and culturally sensitive approach~

Nanaimo Drug Interventions

Counselling Services

Jade can help you thrive in the new circumstances, encouraging resiliency, affirmation and rejuvenation.

Nanaimo, B.C. Individual Counselling
Individual Counselling

Through a collaborative process between you and your therapist to facilitate change, you will explore the meaning of life circumstances and improve your quality of life. You can engage in counselling for any reason. Jade has expertise in multiple areas including grief, anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, family of origin issues, abuse, sexuality,  emotions management, communication, relationships and finding personal purpose and awareness. 

Nanaimo, B.C. Couples Therapy
Couples Counselling

Sometimes relationships go through tumultuous periods. Often conflict or patterns cannot be resolved without asking for professional help. Sometimes there has been broken trust, infidelity or betrayal and it is hard to find our way back to the connection once felt. We do not just see couples and work with each individual, but instead help in repairing the relationship to increase congruent and respectful communication, find hope and deeper connection. Experienced working with couples, we will assist in the healing you are both looking for.         

Nanaimo, B.C. Addiction Therapy
Addictions Counselling

Do you live with or love someone who is struggling to stay sober or can not stop acting out? Do you find yourself trying to help your loved one stop using and then find yourself in the vicious cycle of hoping it will change, followed by more disappointment and fear? Have you told yourself you will stop and can’t? Or maybe you can for a period but then find yourself doing in again and feeling a new sense of hopelessness? Often without professional help, nothing gets better. 

Nanaimo, B.C. Trauma Counselling
Trauma Counselling

A physiological, emotional and sometimes physical reaction to stress, trauma reaction can occur after an extremely stressful event. It can also occur from a number of stressful events or consistent patterns of stress. Often unresolved trauma can manifest in other problematic behaviours and feelings, creating more helplessness, emotional pain, fear, and confusion. Jade is trained in multiple treatment modalities for trauma.

Nanaimo, B.C. Sex Addiction Counselling
Sex Addiction Therapy

Affecting individuals, spouses, families, and relationships, sexual addiction is best described as an intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual acts and/or thoughts. This can include, but is not limited to compulsive use of pornography, phone and computer sex services, sex for hire and impulsive affairs. Sexual addiction and its consequences impact the individual, but also traumatize the spouses, children, employers, and relationships of the individual. Jade can help all members of the family.

Nanaimo, B.C. Family Therapy
Family Therapy

Would you like your family to be closer? Communicate better? Stop the cycles of conflict when members are really yearning for connection from the ones they love the most? As systemic therapists we are trained in working with the whole family system, bringing clarity, reconciliation, and congruence to families impacted by systemic pain and the associated mal-adaptive coping. We believe there is a deep yearning for all families to find systemic help. 

Nanaimo, B.C. Online Counselling
Online Counselling

Although some might think that online therapy cannot replace in person connection, many people prefer to engage in therapy online. Some of the reasons people might choose or want this option can be life circumstances,  isolation due to employment, lack of trained professionals in their current location or specialized services being offered by the therapist. Using state of the art technology to maintain confidentiality and professionalism, Jade provides quality services online. We do this while maintaining the same connection, warmth and structure you would find if you were sitting in our office. 

Nanaimo, B.C. Interventions Counselling

Addiction is more frequent than you might think. People think it won’t happen to them or their families, but the reality is that addiction is a common occurrence given the struggles of today’s society. Individuals facing addiction frequently try to hide their problem, make light of the situation, or use denial to deal with the struggles they encounter – but for most, the problem just doesn’t go away. Families often follow these same coping mechanisms when faced with seeing the effects of addiction on their loved ones. Without professional help, the problem usually becomes worse over time, never better. 


"All individuals have within them the power to change"

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